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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Secret to a Happy Relationship xoxo

This is my Sweetie, he remembers a minister telling him this secret many years ago.

"Never leave your house or go to sleep without making sure your woman is well kissed"

You know what?  It works!    Stay tuned for more secrets, I am learning a lot from this wonderful man.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Great Links to Help you plan a getaway or wedding in FLOYD, VA USA

Are you thinking of a trip to The Crooked Road or to Floyd VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Looking for a UNIQUE way to say "I DO" (get married) in Floyd????  A Sunday Kind of Love has the answer!

Floyd is just FABULOUS and we have a few stops on The Crooked Road, we have LOTS of music, great shops, and friendly locals!

Below are a few links that have LOTS of info you will find helpful in planning your getaway.

Let me know if there is something else you are looking for.

INFO on The Crooked Road

INFO on Floyd, VA

Get Married in Floyd! An affordable and unique package!

Once you get here you will want to come back....again, and again.  :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A NEW market for Floyd, Virginia.  It will be held INSIDE at The Station on South Locust St!  April - December.  Artists will be Juried in, do you like LOCAL?  QUALITY?  ORIGINAL HANDMADE ITEMS??

Need a gift for you or a loved one?  Buy one of a kind gifts made with care from a local artisan.  Help the economy in your own backyard.   Your choices DO make a difference!   Come on down.
Well, Winter has finally arrived here in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  BITTER cold, and 6" of snow last night.  I do not think my road is cleared yet.  I have been busy gathering wood, and feeding the fire!  Hope all my peeps are warm.  Hunkering down for the next week or so, more horrible cold is on the way.   (If only I could have my hot flashes happen when I am cold)   Hope it kills all mosquitos!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My NEW Tin Haul Boots - I deserve the very best :)

My second pair of Tin Haul Boots are on Layaway as I write this! My first pair is their lovely Mardi Gras Style, they fit like they were made for me :)    This new pair came out this past fall I think, they are called Paisley Rocks.  And YES, the soles are really that fabulous!  The deep cherry red color is just so yummy I could not resist.

There is not much that I love more than when Beauty and Function Collide (that is a tagline in my web store  These are so well made, and stylish that I just Have to have another pair!

Kudos! Tin Haul for making a product that someone as picky when it comes to style and function as me is RELLY HAPPY :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saving Ricky the Calf!

The other morning when the phone rang at around 8am, I knew it would be my friend Janet with a cow issue...either someone was out or calving trouble.  Well, it was a newborn steer calf just about frozen.  It was about 20 degrees and his mom did not seem to want to nurse him.  His eyes were starting to roll back into his head.  

I do not know where the strength came from, I guess the adrenalin kicked in.....I just scooped him up and put him in the back of Janet's SUV.  We took him to her house and got him covered in blankets and towels.  Massaging and drying him off while electric heaters helped to warm him.

His poor little hooves were SO cold!  I kissed and nuzzled his head to my neck, slowly his shivers quelled.  Then some colostrum was heated and he took a full quart!  That was GREAT news!  He wanted to survive!  We then moved him to a small room to lie down and rest.

Around mid day, Janet's son isolated the mom in a pen and carried the calf (I named him Ricky) to see if she would nurse.  Ricky was hungry!  YES!!!  he pounced with happiness and his mom let him nurse right away!  Thank you for happy endings :)

I am so blessed that I am able to help.  For me there is not a better joy than to be able to look into those HUGE dark eyes with those lovely eyelashes and know that a little calf will be all right.

ps....the photo above is of another calf I helped years ago.  I did not have time to grab my camera for Ricky.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter and Immune Boosting Tea

Happy Winter.  I am grateful that it was at least a bit above ZERO this morning.  Tonight it might even stay as high as 10 above!  WhooHoo!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!  I just sold my last bit of my popular Tea Blend:  Kick Ass Cold Remedy!  Yes it works, time to get ready to make another batch. :)